Southwest Airlines Travel Deals

Southwest Airlines that initially began as a small Texas-based airline, happens to be one of the most popular short-haul airline today. With Southwest airlines, you can enjoy amazing connectivity with various discount deals to 59 cities across America.


Southwest airlines has been able to significantly curb their distribution costs due to its “ticketless travel” option. If you are planning to use your credit card for making reservations, you are eligible for online transactions with the airline.
Southwest has managed to save a great deal of money through its electronic transactions that was earlier spent on travel agency commissions. You can cancel your air ticket online and get a refund.


Southwest airlines offers competitive travel deals to its customers. Exciting discount offers are regularly offered to provide a unique flying experience at affordable prices. For instance as per the current discount offer, if you fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday, your one-way air ticket can cost you about $49 to $139 depending on your destination.

On other days, the same flight would cost you in the range of $49 to $179. For a fourteen-day advance booking, you can fly one-way from/to Philadelphia for $99 or less. Your one-way air ticket between Austin and Houston will cost you just $29 provided you book your ticket twenty-one days in advance. Southwest also offers exciting vacation deals to some of the most sought after destinations.

Southwest airlines has youth fares for travelers in the age group of 12 to 22 years however, you need to book your tickets at the reservation center, as they are not offered online.

Southwest also offers special senior fares for those above sixty five years of age and these are fully refundable and can be easily exchanged.

You can enjoy incredible discounts on your airfare through frequent flyer programs, and rapid rewards when you fly Southwest. Rapid rewards are based on the number of times you fly Southwest instead of number of miles you have traveled so far with Southwest.


Basically based at Dallas, Southwest has operations in San Diego International Airport, Orlando International Airport Chicago Midway International Airport, Houston’s Hobby Airport, Nashville International Airport, Oakland International Airport, Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Tampa International Airport Maryland’s Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, and San Diego International Airport.

You can view or download the Southwest schedule online and plan your trip well in advance. The schedule also indicates the exact travel time that includes the stops, layovers, and time zone changes.


Southwest Air. also offers regular flights between destinations like Baltimore, Chicago, Albany, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Ontario, New York, and other similar important destinations in the U.S.

Nashville Attractions – The Parthenon

If you are traveling to Nashville you might be planning on going to the normal attractions in the city such as the Grand Ole Opry or the Country Music Hall of Fame. These are popular but there are other things to do in the city that are not related to music. One of those attractions is one that you might not expect. Nashville happens to be home to a full size model of the Parthenon. Believe it or not it is true. Read this article to learn about this unique local attraction.

The Parthenon replica was built in Centennial Park for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition held in 1897. It was the main attraction and centerpiece of the event. The replica was originally supposed to be only a temporary attraction but it quickly became a popular destination for locals and tourists so the city fully restored it in 1931. The buildings designers have attempted to recreate the original in every way. Inside it you will find an identical layout to the original including a statue of Athena Parthenos and a set of doors that are identical to those found at the original. These bronze doors weigh in at over 7.5 tons each and are the largest pair of matching bronze doors in the world. As you can see, the Parthenon replica in Nashville is an interesting destination for sure. It makes for a pleasant break from all of the music related tourist attractions. So give it a shot the next time you visit Nashville, you will be glad you did.

If you would like to visit the Parthenon when you are in Nashville Tennessee you can find it at West End and 25th Avenue in Nashville. Before going you should call and get current hours and admission prices. The information line is 615-862-8431. Have fun.

Getting Around Nashville

While Nashville is constantly buzzing with traffic to and from the universities, shopping and downtown, not everybody who comes to visit drives here. If you’re planning a stay and need to rely on public transportation, you’re in luck. Music City is fairly simple to negotiate even if you don’t have a car and GPS at your disposal. Getting in and out requires mere some money for fare and access to the right schedules.

Coming into Nashville

Music City welcomes visitors via different mass transit options:

  • Nashville International Airport sees an average of 10 million passengers arriving and departing annually
  • Greyhound has a Nashville station, where visitors from all over the US may travel in by bus
  • The Tornado Bus Company offers service to select cities in the US and Mexico, including Nashville

Once you’ve arrived, you have the option of utilizing Nashville’s reliable mass transit or hiring a cab or livery service:

  • The Nashville MTA offers bus service to all major points around town, including the universities, shopping districts, and downtown. You can download maps and schedules from their website or call 615-862-5969
  • A1 Action Taxi Services (615-545-5765) offers taxi, limo, and airport shuttle service.
  • Metro Livery (866-748-2227) hires out luxury towncars, shuttles, and limos anywhere you want to go.
  • Allied Cab (615-883-2323) accepts reservations online, and their recognizable white cars may be seen at the airport and bus stations.
  • American Music City Taxi (615-865-4100) is available 24-hours a day and offers minivan service for larger parties.

Most cab and shuttle companies in town accept credits and advance reservations, be sure to call ahead for confirmation. However you plan to arrive, know that with Music City’s many options for transit you’ll never end up stranded.