Nashville Attractions – The Parthenon

If you are traveling to Nashville you might be planning on going to the normal attractions in the city such as the Grand Ole Opry or the Country Music Hall of Fame. These are popular but there are other things to do in the city that are not related to music. One of those attractions is one that you might not expect. Nashville happens to be home to a full size model of the Parthenon. Believe it or not it is true. Read this article to learn about this unique local attraction.

The Parthenon replica was built in Centennial Park for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition held in 1897. It was the main attraction and centerpiece of the event. The replica was originally supposed to be only a temporary attraction but it quickly became a popular destination for locals and tourists so the city fully restored it in 1931. The buildings designers have attempted to recreate the original in every way. Inside it you will find an identical layout to the original including a statue of Athena Parthenos and a set of doors that are identical to those found at the original. These bronze doors weigh in at over 7.5 tons each and are the largest pair of matching bronze doors in the world. As you can see, the Parthenon replica in Nashville is an interesting destination for sure. It makes for a pleasant break from all of the music related tourist attractions. So give it a shot the next time you visit Nashville, you will be glad you did.

If you would like to visit the Parthenon when you are in Nashville Tennessee you can find it at West End and 25th Avenue in Nashville. Before going you should call and get current hours and admission prices. The information line is 615-862-8431. Have fun.